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Digital transformation: key points

The digital transformation of your company is a fascinating challenge that requires technological and personnel adaptation to stay current in today’s competitive world

The challenge of digitizing your company should top the list of immediate tasks, since digital transformation represents the future of companies.

Failure to implement the necessary changes may pose a risk to the survival of the company, which is why it is necessary to stop postponing technological adaptation.

Overcoming staff resistance will be one of the main obstacles you will encounter, but it is not a matter of giving up, but of persisting.

From managers to the doorman, they tend to fear digital transformation, because they think that they will be replaced by machines, even if that is not true.

Start by reporting

The lack of information about digital transformation and all the progress that it will imply for your company can generate a bad organizational climate and further increase the resistance to change on the part of the human team.

Providing first-hand information to all personnel, from the management team to the lower payroll, will help reduce the fear of the unknown. They will also have a better understanding of the new tasks that they will have to undertake as part of the process.

Helping them understand the advantages of digitization, the benefits that will be derived from the entire process and how the company will be strengthened, are aspects whose dissemination cannot be postponed.

Giving workshops about new technologies to facilitate adaptation is a good step, which will be even better if you hire the services of experts to carry them out.

Big data empowers you

The immense amount of information that Big Data can handle will be of great use to you from the beginning of the digital transformation of your company, since its capacity involves infrastructures, technologies and services for the processing of huge data sets.

From messages on social networks, audio files, digital images, mobile signals, sensors, emails and even survey data, they are there, available to be analyzed.

All this allows you to plan and make decisions, even in real time. Such an amount of information gives you power.

By using Big Data you will be able to understand the profile of your client and look for ways to satisfy their needs through your products and services.

  • Visibility is key. Just as personally you surely have profiles on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, just to mention some social networks, your company also needs to be visible on these networks, with an updated profile and information of interest.
  • Using a blog, articles of interest and usefulness are a key point to attract followers and potential customers.

Go to the cloud

The digital transformation of your company not only requires a good investment in new technologies and adaptation of equipment; it also goes hand in hand with the use of the cloud to store information and categorize it (cloud).

Every day there are more security applications for the cloud that avoid annoying hackers and allow you to have valuable information at your fingertips without overloading your computers.

More motivation and lower costs

If you still have doubts about the benefits of the digital transformation of your company, a significant advantage that you should consider is that, as costs go down, staff motivation rises.

When working in digital environments the figure of telework can be contemplated. The employee has more time at home, with his family, while continuing to produce for you.

The worker feels more autonomous, since the digital transformation allows him to be creative. By being motivated, staff are more productive and formulas can emerge from their creativity to lower costs and improve processes.

The digital transformation of your company should lead you towards the achievement of the following goals:

  1. Attract new digital customers and achieve the loyalty of existing ones. In this sense, you require a social media strategy.
  2. Save budget by being able to measure in real time the result of marketing actions, which leads to changing strategies or stopping ads that do not generate the desired result, etc.
  3. Design products and services that really adapt to the needs of the target for which your company works.

The great challenge that the digital transformation of your company represents will be easier if you have professionals in the field. Consider it one of the most profitable investments you will make based on your goals.

For example, making the offline marketing plan you use match an online one is a job for a digital professional. If you improvise on this, the cost after the fact, after a few failures, will be higher.

At Alphatomica we put at your disposal our team of professionals, always ready to bring your company’s digital transformation process to a successful destination and to accompany you throughout the process.

César Tamagno

César Tamagno

Ejecutivo Senior experto en Gestión de Ventas, Marketing Digital y Trade Marketing, 13 años liderando equipos de alto rendimiento y gestionando estratégicamente portafolios de Productos de Consumo Masivo FMCG, CPG and LUXURY GOODS en principales multinacionales como Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Mondelez (Kraft Foods & Cadbury Adams) y L’Oréal.