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This platform, which concentrates the best of Google and Google Maps, allows you to interact directly with the public and receive evaluations that help position yourself

Having a business that is visible on the web is the dream of everyone who, like you, has worked hard to have a company. Even if you are in a small town, you want everyone to know of your presence and you can achieve it.

A significant help to achieve this goal can be found in Google My Business, a platform that integrates the best of Google and Google Maps, aimed at local businesses, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

When you create a Google My Business page you can put details that are relevant to users such as the address and the way to reach your business; business hours and telephone. This way you expand the possibilities to contact you.

The competition for greater visibility in search engines is what characterizes the dynamics of business in current times.
If you want a good positioning, you need a good SEO work and quality content production, which can be leveraged by what Google My Business offers you by collaborating on your visibility.


  • Your clients have at a glance all the information about your company, such as address, working hours, etc.
  • In local search results your company has the desired visibility.
  • As the platform also integrates the Google+ page, the process of customer loyalty is facilitated.


One of the great contributions of Google My Business is that it allows you to track the interactions that users make with your page. You can also have statistics available about the way in which clients and potential clients have searched for your company.

These personalized statistics, as well as the integration with Ads Express, are what will help you raise your positioning and content production challenges by knowing how people find your business and how they interact with it.


Google My Business has a very useful tool to evaluate your content and generate the changes you need: the reviews made by users on the local Google page.

Your task now is to ensure that these reviews are mostly positive, since, when this happens, it influences the web positioning of your company. In addition, it generates credibility and trust in your business, since potential clients who seek your services will see the positive experiences of other users.

The scale in this rating system that Google uses begins with a star, which means bad service; Two stars is acceptable, three is good, four is interpreted as very good, and five stars represents excellence.


There is no magic formula for visibility and positioning; a combination of strategies is required in which Google My Business is a first-class ally.

  • Adding good SEO and SEM strategies is part of what you need to generate visibility of everything you offer, while you gain credibility thanks to the production of quality content that is useful for users.
  • This generates positive user reviews that add value to your business on Google My Business.
  • As far as local SEO is concerned, having a web page that is well optimized must complement Google My Business in order to obtain and consolidate what is known as a public identity and a geolocated presence.
  • Based on credibility, which also translates into better positioning and “stars” in the reviews, it is positive to achieve mentions in forums or blogs that users consider to be trustworthy.
  • The possibilities of obtaining greater visibility for which you pay through PPC (pay per click) can be complemented with a Google My Business page.


When creating your page in Google My Business, consider well the categories that they offer you, since that will affect the location that Google will give your business, it is not the same to be in the service area than in the brand area.

The idea is that in the search results users and potential clients can locate you exactly for what you offer.

Fact: The power of an image should never be underestimated, and in these times when Millennials set the tone, videos are eye-catching items to consider on your Google My Business page.

New and great possibilities open up for your business through Google My Business; In order for you to carry out the entire process successfully, we offer you our services, since at Alphatomica we have the knowledge and specialized staff to assist you in this and other tasks of your digital marketing.

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