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SEO before SEM

The first step to positioning your website is SEO, a task that can take months, and to which you must dedicate effort and creativity without haste, but without pause.

Working hard to position your website in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is equivalent to laying a solid foundation to support the growth of the great structure that is your page. If you want to know more details about the world of search engine optimization, we have prepared a blog that will help you learn about all the benefits that your business will have by implementing this essential strategy.

The organic positioning that SEO represents can be combined with search engine marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which are ad campaigns through Google platforms.

However, true success will come from quality content that is only measured through SEO, so your main effort to make yourself known and generate traffic on your website should be allocated to this positioning.


The first thing you should do is generate quality content that really contributes and enriches whoever reads it. Remember that Google rewards SEO that is based on this type of content and that, in addition, they must be authentic and durable.

The content must be attractive, in order to attract attention and obtain visits; In addition, such content must be well supported to ensure that the visitor stays on the page.

  • It is essential not to despair or pretend to obtain immediate results when the task of achieving SEO positioning begins.
  • Even when you generate quality content, it may be that you try to position yourself in a highly competitive sector and do not achieve immediate results.
  • Keywords and Google algorithms are a vital part of SEO positioning.


Online marketing experts recommend starting with SEO and, once you reach the traffic you want on your website, complement the effort with advertising payment to achieve SEM.

A smart and profitable online marketing strategy achieves positioning based on good SEO, in which users click on organic content, and reinforces it with sponsored results.

Google has high standards of demand which are known as the Quality Level and applies them both for SEO and SEM. The correct handling of keywords is essential


The SEO and SEM strategy is not a game and it is likely that you will require the assistance of experts for the generation of quality content and the SEO management of said content.

The key to success is that the positioning is maintained. Thus, the sustainability of the website over time will require efforts for its maintenance, as well as for the optimization of its contents.

The idea is that, when you stop making payments for advertising to Google Ads, your domain will remain visible.

There are experiences of websites that were successful and lost their positioning because they did not take care of staying current or enriching the page to adapt to the new challenges that digital marketing presents.


Google imposes its criteria and high standards to position your page. Hence, it is important to achieve what is known as web relevance, which is achieved through sustained traffic and with high numbers of visits.

If your page is well optimized through SEO, SEM can help positioning since, by advertising, you get more visits.
The time of permanence of these visits will be greater and the bounce rate will be lower if the SEO has been well worked and, at the same time, if the advertisements have been correct and well targeted.

Even when the investment in advertising you make is large, Google will not reward you just for spending money, it will require a good treatment of keywords and related content that makes substantial contributions.

However, since Google is a company and wants you to continue investing in its advertising, it will not leave you adrift either and will help the positioning a little.


We have left for last one of the essential elements of your digital marketing strategy: keywords. Both SEO and SEM depend on these keywords, so you should pay special attention to them.

With the help of experts, you should do a preliminary study of the keywords that receive the most searches not only by sector, but also by products or services.

On that basis, you must plan the content strategy with which you will respond to the needs of potential customers.

The keywords that receive the most clicks in the search results as part of your SEO strategy need to be included in the SEM campaign, since you already know that they are well accepted. Learn about the benefits of SEM in this article.

Throughout this process to achieve a successful SEO and complement it with an SEM that helps you achieve your marketing goals, you can count on our team of experts, since at Alphatomica we have the knowledge to assist you in this process.

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